Custom Training

Corporations, associations and universities enjoy engaging, interactive presentations to educate and empower employees, members and students to conduct business professionally and properly.

Participants walk away with the confidence, knowledge and skills to be prepared for every professional encounter.

Training is available for on-site or online facilitation.

Each session is tailored for your audience demographic, time frame and topic of choice.

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A variety of topics are available to customize your training:

1) Corporate Etiquette

Also known as office etiquette, a corporate etiquette seminar covers how to properly behave in the workplace. This session educates how to maintain the decorum of the organization among co-workers and colleagues.

2) Business Etiquette

A business etiquette seminar covers how to properly do business. From communication etiquette to building rapport with clients and colleagues, this session educates how to get business done.

3) Executive Presence

An executive presence seminar covers how to present yourself with gravitas and confidence. This session educates how to incorporate communication skills, assertiveness and maintaining poise under pressure.

4) Networking Etiquette

A networking etiquette seminar covers how to master the art of networking, both online and offline. This session educates how to properly utilize LinkedIn, business card etiquette, attending and following up after a networking event, and introducing yourself to others.

5) Meeting Etiquette

A meeting etiquette seminar covers how to properly organize, host and participate in a business meeting. This session educates how to correspond professionally, leverage verbal and non-verbal communication skills and maintain a professional presence.

6) Communication Etiquette

A communication etiquette seminar covers how to properly correspond professionally with others. This session educates how to use email, phone, social media and stationary to communicate effectively with co-workers, clients and customers.

7) Dining Etiquette Seminar

A dining etiquette seminar covers how to properly dine for business. This session educates how to navigate a place setting, plan a positive dining experience, interact with restaurant staff and successfully position a lunch or dinner to get business done.

8) Personal Branding

A personal branding presentation covers how create and refine a personal brand for successful reputation management. This session educates how to craft a polished perception, positively reinforce a personal brand through communication and monitor body language.

9) Professional Image & Attire

A professional image presentation covers how to dress appropriately and maximize a wardrobe for work. This session educates on the importance of a first impression, appropriate vs inappropriate attire, types of professional attire, and how to accessorize.

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