LinkedIn Etiquette Training

What can LinkedIn etiquette training do you for your organization?

✔️Enhance your sales teams’ LinkedIn communication skills

✔️Increase your leads and win more deals

✔️Leverage the value of social selling

Corporations enjoy engaging, interactive presentations on LinkedIn etiquette educating employees on how to use LinkedIn with colleagues, prospects, and clients efficiently and effectively.

Participants walk away with the confidence, knowledge, and skills prepared to use LinkedIn appropriately and respectfully.

Training is available for on-site or online facilitation.

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This 3-hour, one day training session covers the following topics:

Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

  • Best practices for profile content
  • The importance of endorsements and recommendations
  • Using groups effectively
  • Becoming an influencer

Free LinkedIn vs. LinkedIn Premium

  • The value of LinkedIn
  • Creating a LinkedIn routine
  • How LinkedIn Premium works
  • Growing your professional network on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator best practices
  • Engaging with prospects using InMail messaging
  • Building rapport with prospects and clients
  • Saving and notating leads
  • Using LinkedIn PointDrive effectively
  • Requesting warm introductions
  • Mobile application usage

LinkedIn etiquette and business etiquette expert and corporate etiquette expert

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