Meet The Founder

Hi there, I’m Devoreaux! Thanks for stopping by The Poise Pursuit.

For many years, I gave personal development advice to friends, family, and colleagues about proper etiquette and image. After launching a blog, The Prep Pursuit, I continued to receive requests and founded The Poise Pursuit to empower women around the world!

Have you ever in your life felt stuck? Yep, me too! 

I want women everywhere to know the power of confidence! It gives you the pep in your step when you walk into the office at work. It takes away anxiety during a performance review or when pitching to an investor or new client! Confidence can make everyday professional challenges easier, and get this, even fun!

My team and I work with clients one-on-one to find out where they are in life, and help get them where they want to be – using etiquette and image as tools to help make it happen! We also facilitate group workshops and classes for companies, organizations, and professional associations.

I help women to maximize their potential and live their best lives, with ultimate confidence!

I’m a certified etiquette consultant, certified confidence coach, and image consultant ready and waiting to hear from you!


Wanna chat? I’d love to connect with you! Sign up for a free consultation today!