Meet Devoreaux

Hi there, I’m Devoreaux Walton, and I’m delighted you’re here.

Perhaps you want to hire an etiquette or style speaker for your corporation or association. Or perhaps you’re a working professional or entrepreneur and you want to improve your presence and image.

Let’s face it. Today’s business climate is competitive.

Knowing the proper way to make a positive, lasting impression can help you close business deals, get job offers, and foster meaningful relationships among co-workers, colleagues and clients.

I founded The Poise Pursuit to do just that: help busy professionals navigate the corporate and entrepreneurial waters with poise, charisma and confidence.

I hope you explore the corporate and group speaking services and the one-on-one consulting services I offer to help your employees, members or yourself to gain soft skills and confidence, applying them as a competitive career advantage.

I’ve worked with global corporations, small to medium businesses, professional associations, non-profits, universities, working professionals and entrepreneurs.

Many of my clients find that corporate etiquette, business etiquette, social etiquette and a polished image are tools they’ve leveraged for career advancement and overall life success.

I’m based in Dallas, Texas, and I travel nationally and internationally.

I believe etiquette and style are ways to positively differentiate yourself and always leave a positive, lasting impression.

If you’re interested in a corporate or group speaking engagement or one-on-one consulting, it would be my pleasure to connect with you and chat to learn more about your needs!