Executive Presence Etiquette Package


Executive Presence Etiquette is a 12-week comprehensive etiquette coaching package including the corporate etiquette skills you can apply to position yourself for a managerial role or the C-suite. The one-on-one coaching is administered virtually using online and phone communication.



Executive Presence Etiquette is the corporate etiquette package for executives! Take your amazing career to the next level, by gaining the next promotion and progressing forward. Confidence and charisma supplement your knowledge and expertise in your respective field, giving you the boost you need to have executive presence.

Best etiquette coaching 

The package is administered virtually, online and via phone.

What you get:

• 12-week program
• 1:1 personalized coaching

Online etiquette coaching

What we cover in this program:
• Developing charisma
• Authority and authenticity
• The success mindset
• Executive leadership
• Building rapport
• Executive communication
• Managing stress
• Commanding the room


Is etiquette coaching a one-size-fits all approach?

Absolutely not! Every etiquette package is customized to fit your personal needs. We discuss your professional and personal challenges then work together to develop solutions you can apply to see immediate impact!