Group Training

Corporations, associations and universities enjoy presentations on etiquette and image topics to educate and empower employees and members to make every impression a positive, lasting one.

Etiquette coach and etiquette trainer and entrepreneur etiquette and executive

Youth Etiquette Training

Youth etiquette training programs are designed for ages 18 and younger. Seminars offer a variety of topics available to create a custom presentation for your church group, non-profit, or association. Children and young adults gain the confidence and social skills to be respectful and appropriate in all their interactions. Click here to learn more!

Business Etiquette Training

Business etiquette training is a 8-hour, on-site seminar tailored just for your audience demographic. The curriculum covers all major areas of business etiquette preparing professionals for success. Topics covered vinclude: mastering first impressions, communication etiquette, networking etiquette, dining etiquette, meeting etiquette, and professional image and attire. Click here to learn more!

Professional Image & Attire Training

Professional image & attire training is a 4-hour, on-site seminar tailored just for your audience demographic. The curriculum is comprehensive to ensure professionals are prepared to dress for success. Topics covered include: the importance of a professional appearance, types of professional attire, work wardrobe essentials, and more. Click here to learn more!

Dining Etiquette Training

Dining etiquette training is a 2-hour, on-site seminar. The curriculum covers American and Continental dining styles. Topics covered include: navigating a place setting, table conversation, ordering etiquette, and more. Click here to learn more!

Custom Training

Custom training is available on-site or online and is tailored for your time frame, curriculum topics of choice and audience demographic. A variety of topics are available to customize a seminar for your organization, including: business etiquette, dining etiquette, personal branding, professional image and attire, and more. Click here to learn more!

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